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About us

Job search project in NZ

Searching for work is never set to be fun or simple, especially during a period when such a large number of others are doing the same. In any case, approaching an occupation inquiry as though it were a venture to operate might help keep you on undertaking and in front of the pack. Job search project in NZ is a unique and peculiar service that lets work seekers access to the best jobs in this area and to earn money by applying the power of new referrals & incentive of a cash reward. It works with some other employment site like careers nz.

The JobTonic process

  • find a position that suits your friends
  • email it to them applying JobTonic’s referral system
  • if your friends are successful, you get rewarded

The most demanded profession in NZ

The most popular and demanded professions in NZ are: IT, accounting, engineering and sales jobs. The areas which are in highest demand are:

  • Skilled trades
  • Engineers
  • Sales representatives
  • Accounting & finance staff
  • Management/Executive (Corporate /Management)
  • Technicians
  • IT staff
  • Secretaries, PAs, office support staff
  • Customer support & customer service representatives
  • Mechanics

Advantages of Job search project in NZ

It is much more than a website where employers can post jobs. Users can act as a “Bounty Hunter” by suggesting an occupation to their friend who they think might be interested. When your friend applies and receives the work, then you get paid. Some other advantages are:

  • Service offers from many career websites, such as careers nz is on the same website, so you can save your time.
  • The service is absolutely free
  • Contains only actual employment offers
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Searching for a work is simple and effective
  • Has the option to subscribe on newest employment offers via email

This job search project in nz will particularly help to get the best service for you which follows a similar job searching mechanism like careers nz. As well as recommending jobs to friends for potential cash rewards, you can use this great site to search work for yourself. Use it, refer your friends and enjoy!